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Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook to share spotlight at national conference

PR and marketing professionals charged with building awareness and community for their brands will get the opportunity to immerse themselves in the latest best practices in leveraging the most important three social networks at PR News’ “The Big 3 Conference” on Aug. 9 in San Francisco.

Just as social media initiatives must be integrated into overall communications strategies and bottom-line imperatives, PR News has integrated Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook tactics into one intensive day of learning at San Francisco’s Hyatt Regency on Aug. 9. Among the brands that will be sharing their expertise in the use of Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook at The Big 3 Conference are American Airlines, Old Navy, Adobe, Boeing, Cisco, Buddy Media, American Heart Association, Esurance, Norwegian Cruise Line, Burson-Marsteller, H&R Block, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Shine America.

Communications thought leaders from these brands will share ideas, tactics and lessons learned in using Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook to advance PR & marketing efforts. The conference also includes networking opportunities, breakfast, a keynote luncheon, an interactive clinic on team resource management and a cocktail reception.

For more information on the conference visit

AD SUMMIT PLANNED – Ad Age has announced the first Ad Age CMO Strategy Summit July 18 at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago.

Inspired by the pages of our agenda-setting CMO Strategy section, the conference features notable CMOs – from Crocs, Ikea, ZipCar, and Build-a-Bear – who have accomplished their marketing goals with innovative tactics and lean-and-mean budgets.

For more information and to register go to

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Columbus Business First hosting Social Madness contest

Tuesday is the deadline for Columbus Business First’s Social Madness national social media contest.

The Central Ohio contest is part of a national tournament where companies compete against others of similar size.

Central Ohio winners will advance in the bracket-style challenge to a national competition that will honor three champions for their social media programs.

Winners will receive a $10,000 donation to their charity of their choice. Voting starts June 1.

Rules and sign-ups for the contest can be found here.

BOOM – The technology on Madden football keeps getting better and better.

Here’s a video from the production of the new game.

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Guest blog: A case study on how bloggers can win the attention of the press

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Guest post from Nate Riggs of Social Business Strategies. You can read Nate’s blog here. The blog was originally posted Feb. 2).

I’ve been a big fan of the work of Brian Solis for some years now.

As one of the leading thinkers in the study of disruptive technology and its impact on business and culture, Brian is known for consistently has his hand on the pulse of what’s changing in the digital space.

In the case below, we’ll look at how Brian uses his blog, content marketing techniques and social networks to break news related to Facebook’s coming IPO. By executing these tactics, he’s able to build credibility and awareness for the Altimeter Group, a research-based advisory firm in which he is a Principal.

All that said, PR students everywhere should laud his approach to this blog post on the SEC Filing information for Facebook as a classic case study in how to leverage blogs to get the attention of traditional press and other online publishers.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: You can read the rest of Nate’s post here).

What to do when your Facebook font size is too small

I had some strange issues a few weeks back with Facebook.

After hitting a couple of buttons, I soon discovered that the front sizes were way too small.

If you run into that problem, there is an easy solution.

All you need to do is hold the Control or Command key and press the plus (+) key to increase the size.

To decrease the size, hold the Control or Command key the press the minus (-) key.

STORIES TO NOTE – Here are five recent communication stories from the communications industry you should check out.

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7 ways to get your blog noticed in a crowded niche.

New Google maps include real-time traffic info.

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Intro video to Facebook timeline

In case you’re behind on Facebook, here’s an intro video on the social media’s Timeline feature.

Has anyone not activated it yet?

When it comes to social media connections, quality is SO MUCH MORE important to quantity

When it comes to social media, it’s not able the number of “likes” or “follows,” it’s about how you use them.

Successful community managers need to interact with those who follow the page.

It’s not about selling, it’s about building relationships.

Relationships lead to brand awareness, the potential of new sales and your audience sharing your information with others.

I remember working in restaurants through the 90s in college where “if a customer has a bad experience, they share it with seven others” was drilled into my mind.

From a positive side in the social media world we live in today, how about the power of your customers sharing positive experiences online. There’s a lot of untapped resources here.

It’s important to understand that you have to give someone a reason to like your page.

Content is vital. The information you share must be interesting and fun.

In addition to content, what else can you offer your audience?

The answer may vary depending on your company or organization, but you need to give your audience a reason to listen.

EXTRA, EXTRA – Facebook unveiled a new feature which allows you to read your news feed as a personalized newspaper. Mashable has the details.

NOT VIRAL – A recent report from All Facebook indicates only 2 percent of Facebook posts are shared.

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New way to post quickly on WordPress

WordPress announced a new way of publishing posts quickly.

If you’re logged in to the site, officials said “you can create and publish new posts without the leaving the page you’re on. So instead of having to visit your blog’s dashboard each time you want to publish a post, now you can start a new post the very second you’re inspired to create one.”

A company press release indicates all bloggers need to do is click the new post button on the right side of the toolbar to start.

MOTORISTS GETS MOBILE – Motorists Mutual has created a mobile app for policyholders. Policyholders can now download the free app from iTunes if using an Apple product, or from the Android Market if using an Android device.

Motorists Mutual Mobile gives customers instant access to their auto insurance policy information. The app also provides agent information and the ability to submit claims directly from an accident.

Additional features include an accident checklist, agent locator, pay by phone, the ability to view past claims history submitted via the app and more.

LINKEDIN FOR BUSINESS – Business2Community has a great article with advice on how to set up a proper business page on LinkedIn. You can read it here.

NEW ADS ON FACEBOOK – Facebook announced new advertising opportunities for businesses this week on the site. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a great rundown you can read here.

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Repository reporter: GateHouse wants to outsource many of our jobs

Several weeks ago, we wrote about a move by GateHouse Media, owner of The Repository in Canton, The Independent in Massillon and The Times-Reporter in Dover-New Philadelphia, to consolidate all copy desks in papers around the country to centralized desks in Chicago and New England.

Various sources indicate that the move could affect 17 jobs in the Ohio group.

Veteran Repository reporter Tim Botos posted the following update on the “Save The Repository” Facebook page.

I’ve been a reporter in the newsroom for 13 years, and a member of the Newspaper Guild for 20 years. I also sit on the Guild collective bargaining committee.

All told, there are about 180 Guild members at The Repository. Some of us know each other by name. Some of us know each other only by face. Some of us don’t know each other at all; we work different shifts, or in areas of the buildings that rarely cross paths.

All of us, though, share a common bond as members of this same union. The “union” isn’t our paid representative in Cleveland. It’s not the board members. It’s you and me and us. A union is only as strong as its members want it to be.

The employer wants to outsource many of our jobs, not to mention some of your non-union co-workers. The reason: They say they can pay outsiders less than they pay us. They say those outsiders, “professionals” they called them, can do the job just as well.

I disagree. You should too.

Doing the “right thing” isn’t always easy. It can take work. But the right thing now is to show the employer we are a union. That we stand by one another and have each other’s backs. The outsourcing proposal does not affect my job, but I do take it personally because of our bond. I stand by those affected, because I believe they’d stand by me if this situation was reversed.

It is the right thing to do.

We’ve started a mobilization committee. We want to send a message to the employer. I’d ask all of you to pitch in. If you have questions, just ask me, or any of the others whose names appear on the union bulletin boards.

Tim Botos

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU ARE LAID OFF – Charles Apple has a fantastic blog on a resource guide for laid-off journalists, which applies to anybody else out there who may be laid off.

DISCUSSING PATERNO – I’m a week behind, but Nate Riggs wrote recently about how the Penn State sex scandal proved to be a tragic and swift death of an iconic brand. Definitely worth a read today.

FACEBOOK FAIL – Companies need to be careful when it comes to Facebook promotions.

Here’s a recent post from Bulldog Reporter about a advertisement which hurt a company.

Check your work before sending an e-mail blast

When sending an e-mail blast, you have to be careful.

The New York Times made a huge mistake when intending to sending an e-mail to several hundred people offering 50 percent off to renew for 16 weeks.

Instead, the newspaper sent the offer to 8.6 million e-mails on its list.

What compounded the error was when the newspaper tweeted that the e-mail didn’t come from the newspaper.

The newspaper did honor the discount at first before cancelling the offer.

A spokeswoman didn’t say how much money the mistake cost the newspaper in an interview with the Associated Press.

PHOTO MANIPULATION – When it comes to media errors, I guess this one from North Korea shouldn’t surprise me at all.

The country’s state news agency altered a photo from Kim Jong-Il’s funeral procession to take out several onlookers from the route.

When it comes to news, ethics dictate that pictures cannot be altered.

I understand that North Korea doesn’t follow ethics, but this should be a lesson to all news people to follow industry standards.

FACEBOOK’S TOP SIX – Do you have Facebook’s new Timeline feature?

One question I had with it was on the friends box, the site shows six of your friends.

How do they pick these six?

I found an interesting article on how Facebook picks your “top friends” here.