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5 sports stories you should read today


Proposed Dwight Howard deal to Nets could contain more than 10 players

Cleveland Could Be Free Agent Destination For Andrew Bynum in ’13

Boston loves Jared Sullinger after scoring 20 points his first summer league game


How the great college football teams stay great


‘MLB: The Show” says NL will win All-Star Game

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5 sports stories you should read today


LeBron James leaving Cleveland makes writer (love Cleveland even more)


Great insight from Scott Torgerson of The Fan in Columbus on who the Blue Jackets should keep and who they should get rid of

There are a lot of fun things to know about new Blue Jackets winger Nick Foligno


Cleveland Indians third baseman Lonnie Chisenhall out 10-12 weeks following surgery


Little leaguer sued for errant throw

5 sports stories you should read today


Blue Jackets turn down “Ditka-like” trade for No. 2 pick in NHL Draft


Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, and Blake Griffin will appear on the cover of “NBA 2K13.”

Dwight Howard said he won’t sign an extension with the Rockets if traded there

Why fans hate being called a hater when it comes to LeBron James


Ramzy Nasrallah has a great piece on why no one spoke up earlier in the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

Time to move on from steroids

Yesterday’s acquittal of Roger Clemens on perjury charges will hopefully bring the end to the government’s “quest to find truth” in the steroids controversy.

I don’t agree with taking steroids, but the government should not be involved in this battle.

Unfortunately, Clemens true judgement will lie down the road could be with his health if he did indeed take steroids.

OHIO STATE CLEARED – On the subject of the courts staying out of sports, I’m glad to see that the Ohio Supreme Court recently ruled against ESPN in their suit against Ohio State over records regarding “TatGate.”

Let it go. It’s over.

I do like how Ohio State put provisions in new coach Urban Meyer’s contract on reporting NCAA violations.

It may be too late, but it’s good that the school has installed checks.

REASON FOR CONCERN? – Yesterday’s report that Ohio State standout Jared Sullinger was red-flagged by doctors before the NBA Draft could end up benefiting the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Sullinger was projected as a lottery pick, but may fall to No. 24 (the Cavaliers second first-round selection) after the report.

If he falls that far, the Cavaliers should pounce.

They can use inside scoring and the payoff outweighs the risk late in the first round.

BOBCAT FAIL – I’m stunned that the Charlotte Bobcats chose a life-time assistant, Mike Dunlap, as its new head coach.

For as great as Michael Jordan was as a player, it’s embarrassing to figure out why he can’t evaluate talent better.

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Cavaliers reportedly looking for a trade

The Cleveland Cavaliers don’t appear to be content with the No. 4 pick in this month’s NBA Draft.

A report from HoopsWorld indicates the team is talking to Portland about trading picks No.4 and No. 24 to the Trail Blazers for picks No.6 and No. 11.

It seems like Portland is giving up a lot, but the team is reportedly in favor of Connecticut big man Andre Drummond.

If I were the Cavs, I would do this trade.

According to ESPN, Cleveland also reportedly offered all four draft picks to New Orleans for the top pick in the draft. Although Kentucky center Anthony Davis would be nice a Cavalier uniform, the Cavs shouldn’t do this deal. Thankfully the Hornets already reportedly turned the deal down.

FEELING A DRAFT – The Columbus Blue Jackets will hold a NHL Draft Party 6 p.m. June 22 at Nationwide Arena.

Admission is free.

The first 500 fans to enter will receive a free T-shirt, and free parking is available in the garage attached to Nationwide Arena.

In conjunction with the NBC Sports Network telecast shown on the video scoreboard, team broadcasters George Matthews and Bill Davidge, alongside Blue Jackets Radio Network host Mark Wyant, will anchor the radio broadcast live on ESPN 1460 starting at 7 p.m.

In addition, Jeff Rimer and Bob McElligott will contribute analysis and interviews direct from the Draft in Pittsburgh.

The festivities will be headlined by the appearances of James Wisniewski and Cam Atkinson who will be on hand to sign autographs and join kids for street hockey. Participating players will be named at a later date.

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Sorry, Steve: The Browns window against the Steelers is far from open

You know its June when you hear crazy boasts from Cleveland Browns fans saying this could be the year, followed by the reality of another 4-12 season.

But you know it’s really weird when the Northeast Ohio media starts sharing the flawed logic.

Canton Repository sports reporter Steve Doerschuk took a stab at the faulty reasoning Saturday with “Browns window of ending misery to Steelers could be opening.”

Doerschuk’s assertions include close games between the teams over the last two months of the season, the Steelers upset loss to Denver in the playoffs, the release of James Farrior, an older defense, no Rashard Mendenhall and the uncertainty of draft pick Mike Adams.

His contention also rests on the assertion that Browns general manager Tom Heckert can produce quality drafts. The Browns have appeared to make better picks than in the past, but that hasn’t translated into the team’s won-loss column.

Here’s a point-by-point analysis of the faulty logic.

— Doerschuk is the only writer I know who cites close losses as reason for hope.

— Yes, the Steelers were upset in the playoffs. It happens. Not everybody wins every playoff game. The Steelers make playoff appearances routine. Steve, remember the Browns last playoff game? The Browns tanked a 12-point lead to the Steelers nine years ago. The Steelers will be back, I’m not sure about the Browns.

— James Farrior is one of the most-recognized faces of the Steelers, but was starting to show his age. Larry Foote was a better linebacker for most of last year.

— The Steelers defense isn’t the youngest in the league, but you can’t question its effectiveness. The Steelers led the league in total defense last year.

— Mendenhall has been inconsistent throughout his career. I really believe Isaac Redman is an improvement. In his first start last year after Mendenhall’s injury, Redman ran for xxx against a strong Denver defense.

— It’s funny how only Mike Adams was mentioned, when the Steelers top pick David DeCastro was ignored. DeCastro was projected to go as high as No. 11 in the draft and the Steelers found him at No. 24. Even if DeCastro and Adams are busts, they should be a dramatic improvement over the nightmare of the Steelers offensive line last year.

In a league that emphasizes parity, it’s embarrassing that the Browns have only mustered a 18-46 record in the past four years.
Steve, the window for the Browns has been shut for years.

It’s going to take a lot more than 4-12 seasons to open it.

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We’re a NFL nation, and that’s not a bad thing

This is an interesting time in sports.

The Stanley Cup is slated to begin this week, the NBA Conference Finals and in full swing and teams are starting to jockey for position in baseball.

Yes, there are a lot of good things to talk about in sports.

But when it comes to ESPN, the NFL reigns supreme.

Over the past few weeks, in May, after the NFL Draft and when teams are going through rookie camps and organized team activities, ESPN is devoting two hours each day to football talk each day.

It’s ridiculous, but I’m hooked.

I want to know if Drew Brees will end his holdout with the Saints, whether Mike Wallace will sign a contract with the Steelers and whether Trent Richardson is the real deal for the Browns.

How will the Jets use Tim Tebow? Who’s better – Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III?

Never mind the season is still over three months away and there are still a lot that needs to be decided, it’s stuff myself and many others care about.

It’s why the NFL will remain the most popular sport in America for a long time.

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Kids can learn sports from the Pioneers

The Malone University Department of Athletics will offer summer sports camps for young athletes that are designed for all skill levels and aim to provide a challenging yet enjoyable experience.

Camps are offered in the areas of:

Boys and Girls cross country: July 8-11
Football: June 12-14
Boys and girls soccer: June 14-16 or June 18-21
Softball: July 11-12
Volleyball: June 18-20 or June 25-27

Register or learn more at

FIRST LOOK – ESPN has a great look at the new NCAA 13 video game. You can read the review here.

DAY FOR DADS – Dads, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is offering a great way to connect with your kids.

Day Out With Dad offers tickets to the museum and a day of events at Fawcett Stadium on June 9.

You can find more information about the event here.

LOOKING FORWARD TO THE REMATCH – The Ohio State men’s basketball team will face Duke again in November in the ACC-Big 10 challenge.

CHECK OUT THE CHARGE – The Canton Charge has an open house to advertise season tickets for the upcoming season 4-6 p.m. Tuesday at the Canton Memorial Civic Center.

You can reserve tickets here.

NOT GOING ANYWHERE – Don’t worry Cavaliers fans, Kyrie Irving says he’s not leaving the team any time soon.

HAPPY 100 – Ace Parker recently became the first NFL Hall of Famer and only fourth player in history to turn 100.
His career is detailed here.

SOCIAL MEDIA AND AMERICA’S PASTIME – Want to know how your favorite baseball team is doing in social media? This graphic does a great job of showing fans consumption of social media.

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Field of Dreams game was a fun reminder of my youth

I have to admit I’m not a huge baseball fan now.

I’m not sure why.

Maybe it was the steroids, maybe the game doesn’t move fast enough, maybe it’s the lack of championships by my Cleveland Indians, I really don’t know.

But I jumped at the chance to check out the Field of Dreams game Saturday night at Huntington Park in Columbus.

The game featured Tim Wisecup, a Hilliard resident who won a national contest for a chance to field a team against a group of baseball legends featuring Reggie Jackson, Rickey Henderson, Dave Winfield, Frank Thomas, Johnny Bench, Wade Boggs and Ozzie Smith just to name a few.

I had to admit, it was pretty cool to watch the legends play again.

Some of the guys looked really good.

I really believe Henderson can still play now and Thomas played huge with two home runs.

As a Indians fan, it was great to see Dennis Eckersley give up back-to-back home runs to local Central Ohio guys.

I’m not ready to embrace baseball again, but for one night, it was good to be a fan.

Click here for a video from the evening.

INDIANS ADD A BIG MAN – In case you missed it, the Cleveland Indians recently added a “big.”

The team traded for 7 foot 1 inch pitcher Loek Van Mil and assigned him to the Akron Aeros.

You can read more about Van Mil here.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR – Jacket Backers, a fan club of the Columbus Blue Jackets, will hold an American Red Cross blood drive 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. at 24355 Eakin Road, Columbus.

Call 1-800-RED-CROSS to register.

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Malone cross country coach to talk about preparing to coach Olympic team

Malone University and the Canton Marathon are collaborating to present An Evening with Coach Jack Hazen on May 23 from 6:30 – 8 p.m. in the Johnson Center main auditorium, located at 2600 Cleveland Avenue N.W. in Canton. The event is free and open to the public.

Hazen, renown for never having lost a conference title in a consecutive 45 years as Malone’s cross country coach, will coach the long distance runners in the Games of the XXX Olympiad as a member of the Team USA Track and Field coaching staff. Hazen has recently returned from the West Coast, where he met with some of the world’s best runners in preparation for the summer games, scheduled to take place in London July 27- Aug. 12.

ANOTHER LOOK AT HEAD INJURIES – I like the hard-hitting nature of the NFL as much as anyone else, but the recent death of Junior Seau and others are causing me to take another look at this.

Here is a great story from Yahoo about the recent trend.

THIS HAS TO STOP – Last week’s story about a Ohio State recruit leaving the school due to being contacted at school events by a registered sex offender. Ohio State needs to address this quickly, before more harm comes to the school.

CAPTAIN JACK – I love how Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson is taking a leadership role with Team USA in the World Championships. He’s my vote for captain next year for the Blue Jackets when Rick Nash is traded.

Here’s a recent article about where Nash could end up.

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