Sorry, Steve: The Browns window against the Steelers is far from open

You know its June when you hear crazy boasts from Cleveland Browns fans saying this could be the year, followed by the reality of another 4-12 season.

But you know it’s really weird when the Northeast Ohio media starts sharing the flawed logic.

Canton Repository sports reporter Steve Doerschuk took a stab at the faulty reasoning Saturday with “Browns window of ending misery to Steelers could be opening.”

Doerschuk’s assertions include close games between the teams over the last two months of the season, the Steelers upset loss to Denver in the playoffs, the release of James Farrior, an older defense, no Rashard Mendenhall and the uncertainty of draft pick Mike Adams.

His contention also rests on the assertion that Browns general manager Tom Heckert can produce quality drafts. The Browns have appeared to make better picks than in the past, but that hasn’t translated into the team’s won-loss column.

Here’s a point-by-point analysis of the faulty logic.

— Doerschuk is the only writer I know who cites close losses as reason for hope.

— Yes, the Steelers were upset in the playoffs. It happens. Not everybody wins every playoff game. The Steelers make playoff appearances routine. Steve, remember the Browns last playoff game? The Browns tanked a 12-point lead to the Steelers nine years ago. The Steelers will be back, I’m not sure about the Browns.

— James Farrior is one of the most-recognized faces of the Steelers, but was starting to show his age. Larry Foote was a better linebacker for most of last year.

— The Steelers defense isn’t the youngest in the league, but you can’t question its effectiveness. The Steelers led the league in total defense last year.

— Mendenhall has been inconsistent throughout his career. I really believe Isaac Redman is an improvement. In his first start last year after Mendenhall’s injury, Redman ran for xxx against a strong Denver defense.

— It’s funny how only Mike Adams was mentioned, when the Steelers top pick David DeCastro was ignored. DeCastro was projected to go as high as No. 11 in the draft and the Steelers found him at No. 24. Even if DeCastro and Adams are busts, they should be a dramatic improvement over the nightmare of the Steelers offensive line last year.

In a league that emphasizes parity, it’s embarrassing that the Browns have only mustered a 18-46 record in the past four years.
Steve, the window for the Browns has been shut for years.

It’s going to take a lot more than 4-12 seasons to open it.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Monday’s View From The Pugh column features sports news and commentary. E-mail to submit an item for consideration for a future column).


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