We’re a NFL nation, and that’s not a bad thing

This is an interesting time in sports.

The Stanley Cup is slated to begin this week, the NBA Conference Finals and in full swing and teams are starting to jockey for position in baseball.

Yes, there are a lot of good things to talk about in sports.

But when it comes to ESPN, the NFL reigns supreme.

Over the past few weeks, in May, after the NFL Draft and when teams are going through rookie camps and organized team activities, ESPN is devoting two hours each day to football talk each day.

It’s ridiculous, but I’m hooked.

I want to know if Drew Brees will end his holdout with the Saints, whether Mike Wallace will sign a contract with the Steelers and whether Trent Richardson is the real deal for the Browns.

How will the Jets use Tim Tebow? Who’s better – Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III?

Never mind the season is still over three months away and there are still a lot that needs to be decided, it’s stuff myself and many others care about.

It’s why the NFL will remain the most popular sport in America for a long time.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Monday’s View From The Pugh column features sports news and commentary. E-mail viewfromthepugh@yahoo.com to submit an item for consideration for a future column).


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  1. Sean Breslin

    Very true. These other sports have some attention when the postseason rolls around, but it’s nothing like the NFL.

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