Check your work before sending an e-mail blast

When sending an e-mail blast, you have to be careful.

The New York Times made a huge mistake when intending to sending an e-mail to several hundred people offering 50 percent off to renew for 16 weeks.

Instead, the newspaper sent the offer to 8.6 million e-mails on its list.

What compounded the error was when the newspaper tweeted that the e-mail didn’t come from the newspaper.

The newspaper did honor the discount at first before cancelling the offer.

A spokeswoman didn’t say how much money the mistake cost the newspaper in an interview with the Associated Press.

PHOTO MANIPULATION – When it comes to media errors, I guess this one from North Korea shouldn’t surprise me at all.

The country’s state news agency altered a photo from Kim Jong-Il’s funeral procession to take out several onlookers from the route.

When it comes to news, ethics dictate that pictures cannot be altered.

I understand that North Korea doesn’t follow ethics, but this should be a lesson to all news people to follow industry standards.

FACEBOOK’S TOP SIX – Do you have Facebook’s new Timeline feature?

One question I had with it was on the friends box, the site shows six of your friends.

How do they pick these six?

I found an interesting article on how Facebook picks your “top friends” here.


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