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Sports notes: New NFL record doesn’t mean as much as 1984

I like Drew Brees, but breaking the NFL single-season passing record doesn’t mean as much as when Dan Marino set the record in 1984.

The league has changed.

So many rules have been set to protect the offenses, that passing for a lot of yards doesn’t mean as much as 1984.

FLEX NIGHTMARE — I like how the NFL changes the start time of games to feature games with playoff implications, but changing both the Bengals-Ravens and Steelers-Browns games doesn’t make sense. Why not leave one at 1 and change the other to 4:15 so more can watch both games.

OVERWHELMED — Is it just me, or does Browns head coach Pat Shurmur always look overwhelmed on the sideline.

LAKERS, CAVALIERS LOOK ROUGH — Time may be slipping by quickly for the Los Angeles Lakers. They look really old.

I’m also concerned about the Cleveland Cavaliers. It looks like a really long season for them.