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A social network Christmas

Have a Merry Christmas! Here is a great video about the Christmas Story may have looked on Facebook.


Vacation Bible School continues this week at Whipple Heights church

Vacation Bible School at Whipple Heights Christian Missionary Alliance Church in Stark County’s Perry Township is built around Joseph’s experiences as he makes his way from the prison to the palace.

Joseph is the focal point and he will teach the kids five very important lessons: First, God gives us hope. Second, God gives us special abilities. Third, God gives us wisdom. Fourth, God gives us forgiveness. Finally, God gives us a family.

The kids will be involved in special activities such as brick building, eating foods from that time period, and playing games that relate to life in Egypt at that time. The key theme we want the kids to take away from this week is that they are never alone, no matter what the circumstances, God is with them!

VBS runs from 6:15-8:45 p.m. each night through Friday.

For information, call 330-477-7834.