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Great way to thank a former employee

It’s always awkward when employees leave a position and it’s easy to burn bridges.

Quite often, the last two weeks of employment is a delicate dance of trying not to say the wrong thing by both employees and their employers.

But it is always refreshing to see a company go the extra mile to salute departing employees for a job well done.

Cartridge World Dublin recently sent out a mass e-mail to its customer list to thank Josh Collins, who recently resigned as manager of the store.

It reads:

Best Wishes Josh!

Wishing you all the best as you start your new position!

After five years of faithful service to Cartridge World Dublin, Josh Collins is resigning his position as our store manager at 3:00PM on May 19th. Please send him a greeting at or stop in and see him personally. I know many of you have experienced his excellent customer service both in and out of the store front. We will all miss his expertise!

Diane Kehler
Cartridge World Dublin

That’s a classy move by Cartridge World.

What’s your best and worst stories of employees leaving companies where you have worked?