Thanks, Dad

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This guest blog is courtesy of Brian Elder and

Great fathers are like great sportsmen who hone their skills and become experts at their crafts.

So says Coach Tony Dungy, and his words are worth remembering.

In his classic article written in 2002, Dungy said, “As we study all-pro dads, we discover that they share four patterns. They spend time with their children; they are compassionate toward their children; and they love and respect their children’s mother and they turn to their faith for strength.

“A compassionate father is patient with his children. He doesn’t expect them to be perfect, and he tries to empathize by putting himself in their shoes. His love is unconditional, and he lets them know it.”

The importance of the father in the home is shockingly apparent in statistics on juvenile delinquency.

In a classic 1990 study of teen criminality, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development found an ‘alarmingly high’ prevalence of behavioral problems among all children from families without a father present.

Bureau of Justice Statistics found that 72 percent of incarcerated juveniles grew up in one-parent homes, mostly deprived of a father.
Non-resident fathers remain crucial to child development. Involved non-resident fathers help improve children’s grades and promote better social and behavioral skills.

Bottom line: Dads are essential for families and society. On June 17, don’t forget to say….. ………………….Thanks Dad!


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