REVIEW: Short, but sweet for Project 86

A noise curfew by the local police department brought an early end to “The April Assault” tour by Project 86 Wednesday night at Radiant Life Church in Dublin.

The band made the most of a shortened seven-song set before a crowd of about 50 in the church’s youth room.

Lead singer Andrew Schwab, one of the most charismatic front men in Christian music, made the most of a tough situation.

“I could incite some calls to action, but my faith gets the best of me,” he joked. “We’re going to have to focus on quality, not quantity.”

Project 86 opened with “The Spy Hunter,” followed by “The Butcher,” “Me Against Me,” “SMC” and “Destroyer.”

The four-piece band ended the set with “Fall Goliath Fall” and “SOTS” from the group’s new album, slated to be released this summer.

Before the concert ended early, Schwab promised a quick return to Columbus by the band.

“We’ll come back soon,” he said. “We owe you one, or the police owe you one so we’ll come back.”

The concert was opened by The Overseer, Willet and Righteous Vandetta.


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  1. Good response to a sad premature ending. That would have been very frustrating.

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