Why the Masters creep me out

I’m one of the few red-blooded American males who didn’t watch the Masters yesterday, and I’m OK with that.

Part of the reason I didn’t watch was the home where we ate Easter dinner didn’t have television, which is OK, but I have to admit the tournament kind of creeps me out.

There’s a lot of great tradition there, the green jacket and Amen Corner to name a few.

Jack Nicklaus winning there in 1986 is still one of my favorite sports memories.

But the club’s past concern over admitting female members creeps me out.

C’mon. It’s 2012.

EASTER TEBOWING – New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow made headlines yesterday for his appearance during a Texas church’s Easter service.

Selfishly, I’m still annoyed that he led the Broncos over my Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL Playoffs, but I appreciate the fact he’s willing to share his faith. Here’s a shaky, but complete video of his interview during the outdoor service with the church pastor.

WAITING ON BASEBALL – I can’t get too excited about the baseball season in April, but I’m a history buff and have enjoyed Ken Burns Baseball documentary on Netflix.

In addition, I enjoyed the new commercial on the Chicago baseball rivalry. If you like the Cubs, White Sox, “The Office” or “Parks and Recreation,” you should enjoy this.

CHECK OUT HOCKEY THIS WEEK – I’m really looking forward to the start of the NHL Playoffs this week.

I know I’m in the minority by saying this, I know not a lot of you like hockey, but do yourself a favor and check it out.

It’s a lot better than April baseball.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Monday’s View From The Pugh column features sports news and commentary. E-mail viewfromthepugh@yahoo.com to submit an item for consideration for a future column).


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  1. Christian and Steeler fan here, too! You might like some of work for Yahoo Sports. I wrote a recent article on Tebow and the Steelers. it’s dated now that he went to the Jets, but anyway: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=ycn-11130176

  2. I love April Baseball!! Love the new wild card, and nothing better in April then having all the teams have HOPE!!! All teams play hard in first home games trying to get ahead in standings, get fans behind them and step over opponents. Spring grass, hot dogs, crackerjacks, and Pretzels; Life is good!!

    and The Masters can live by whatever rules they want, IT IS THEIR RIGHT to do so. I like them standing up for what they want (not that I agree with all their rules). I do not have an issue nor should any sports fan with rules like no Blimps over head, no green/blue inks in water/grass, no public play, outrageous membership rules/dues. More power to them, why would it bother anyone? If you were a lady for instance would you really want to join? I wouldn’t think so. So leave them alone. People that complain about this event bother me more, if you don’t like it, don’t watch. Its a private club. Its not politics where you have a voice. But if you didn’t watch, too bad Bubba Watson made an unbelievable shot on 2nd playoff hole! It was cool to see his emotions as well!

    Playoff Hockey is great! Everyone who has a chance to see a game live in person should try to attend SOOOO much better then TV. Lots of fun! And word of advice if you go, that is ice in the rink, its cold, dress for it.

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