REVIEW: House of Heroes impressive with new music

Central Ohio-based House of Heroes put together a quickly assembled show Wednesday at the A+R Music Bar in Columbus to test drive new songs from their upcoming album “Cold Heart Want.”

The show was only announced a week before and promoted locally, which explained the crowd of about 75, but the band’s performance was impressive.

“It’s a pleasure to be back to lovely Columbus, Ohio,” lead singer Tim Skipper said. “We just finished our new album, but these songs are too good not to be played right away.”

Bottom line, if you like the band’s previous releases “The End is Not the End” and “Suburbia,” you’ll really like “Cold Heart Want.”

“Out of My Way,” “Remember The Empire,” “Stay,” “Suspect” and “The Comfort Trap,” “Dance or Blow it All Away,” were all received well by the crowd. In addition, the band mixed in past hits “Elevator,” “God Save The Foolish Kings,” “So Far Away,” “Serial Sleepers,” “Field of Daggers, “Lose Control,” “Independence Day,” “Code Name: Raven” and “In the Valley of the Dying Sun.”

“Independence Day” was played after Skipper took a request from the audience.

“We haven’t put together a set list in two to three years,” Skipper said.

The opening acts were far from bad, but attendees were mostly there to see House of Heroes.

Hip-hop group MattiBurns had an interesting stage presence, while Come Wind had an unique blend of ambient inde rock.


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