Giants know how to play great at the right time

They may not be the “Dream Team” or “America’s Team,” but the New York Giants are world champs for the second time in four years with a 21-17 win over the New England Patriots in last night’s Super Bowl XLVI.

The Giants ended the season 9-7, but clearly showed they were the best team in the NFL.

Championships are won in December and January, not September.

In each of the Giants last two Super Bowl titles, they did so without the benefit of a first-round bye.

And Eli Manning is finally stepping out of the shadow of his older brother Peyton.

Just look at his pass to Mario Manningham during the team’s winning drive.

Give the Giants credit. They deserved the win. And their ability to catch fire during the right time of the season sets an example other teams should follow.

WHAT ABOUT THE PATS? – Uncharacteristic mistakes doomed the Patriots.

Twelve men on the field, intentional grounding in the end zone and a key drop by normally sure-handed Wes Welker doomed them.

The Patriots will be back next year, but needs some speed at wide receiver and a better pass rush to improve.

KIDS ARE WATCHING THIS – Don’t want to be a prude, but lots of kids watch the Super Bowl.

From David Beckham’s H&M ad to a racy Fiat ad, advertisers have indicated that sex sells.

And then the rapper M.I.A. raised her middle finger to the camera during the halftime show.

Sex does sell, but networks need to be mindful that kids are football fans and watch the game.

There has to be a little bit of responsibility somewhere.


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