Scoring field goals instead of touchdowns cost the Ravens big time Sunday

Live by the field goal, die by the field goal.

Yes, there is no excuse for Billy Cundiff missing a game-tying field goal Sunday to the Baltimore Ravens 23-20 loss Sunday to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

But teams who are looking to beat New England need to score touchdowns, not field goals.

Some wondered why a previous pass play from Joe Flacco to Lee Evans which was ruled incomplete wasn’t reviewed, but the NFL made it clear that the play was ruled correctly.

MISTAKES HAUNT SAN FRANCISCO – After enjoying a season of capitalizing on opponent turnovers, the San Francisco 49ers own mistakes came back to haunt them in a 20-17 overtime loss to the New York Giants in the NFC Championship Game.

Backup 49ers punt returner Kyle Williams’ two fumbles on kick returns cost his team dearly.

What made matters worse was San Francisco still almost won the game, despite an amazing performance by Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

In football, you can’t win games by turning the ball over. Both title games Sunday showed this fact.

TEBOW COMING TO CENTRAL Ohio – Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow will appear with speaker Dr. John C. Maxwell 6 p.m. April 24 at Ohio Christian University in Circleville.

Click here for tickets.

VERY INSENSITIVE – I guess nothing should surprise me anymore about the mess regarding Penn State, but Jerry Sandusky releasing a statement to the media after legendary head coach Joe Paterno’s death is ridiculous.

DON’T MAKE MAJOR CHANGES – I’m not a huge fan of recently retired Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, but this ESPN story indicating that the Steelers are considering changing their offense to a power running game may be too much an overreaction to the end of the season.

Run the ball more, but don’t dramatically change what you’re doing.

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