Cedarville hosts Leadership Conference 2012

Cedarville University invites high school students to participate in the annual Leadership Conference. This year’s conference will include presentations by Axis, worship led by a student praise team, leadership seminars and fun activities.

Axis is a non-profit group dedicated to challenging the assumptions that students have about the world. They say, “The problem is not unanswered questions. The problem is unquestioned answers.”

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation Study, the average American watches five hours of television, listens to 2.5 hours of music and sees over 3,000 advertisements per day. Television, music and ads all carry ideas that can easily mislead young adults. Axis inspires students to think critically about the answers that popular culture gives them. They use dynamic presentations and an abundance of media clips to appeal to students. Through these techniques, Axis desires to move the students from apathy and distraction to compassionate action.

In addition to attending Axis presentations, students will be able to interact with small-group leaders and participate in fun activities throughout the conference. Learn more at www.cedarville.edu/leaders.

Guest check-in time is on Friday, January 20 from 3 to 5 p.m. The conference will continue until Saturday, January 21 at 5 p.m. An early arrival check-in is available for those who want to visit campus.

The conference costs $75 per student, which includes all meals, sessions, activities, housing and an event shirt. In addition, students are required to bring a completed medical release form to the conference.


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