Guest blog: Done is better than perfect

(NOTE: Today’s guest post is brought to you by Phyllis Nichols, Salesologist,
CEO of SoundAdvice Sales and Marketing. She offers sales tips and advice at
You can register for her upcoming live sales event on Dec. 7 at Nashville, Tenn.
through this link and receive
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I hope today is treating you well. I’m grateful to be busy with several
projects, some older and a few new things are percolating too! I didn’t
want to miss the chance to let you know about a few things that are
coming up soon!

But first… Today’s mantra is “Done is better than perfect!”
A former mentor shared this with me many years ago when I was
in corporate sales. I was struggling with the fact that in sales you
are never really “done.” There’s always more work.
Someone else to call or contact, follow up or research… you get
the idea.

On top of never being done- I was also killing myself to make sure
everything was just right. I was quickly becoming paralyzed and
accomplishing less and less while my work load was growing.

Let today be the day you complete that next step.
You know which one – the thing you’re a little scared to finish or
the project that’s been on your to do list for weeks….
Do it today! You’ll never get better, or achieve perfection if you
don’t actually get it done.

I’d love to hear what you’re doing – email and let me know!


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