Cedarville University plans cardboard canoe race

Every year at homecoming, Cedarville University freshman engineers build boats out of everyday items like cardboard and tape to race across Cedar Lake. The shores are lined with cheering fans, eating ice cream and enjoying the race.

This year’s cardboard canoe race will take place on September 30 at 3 p.m. as a part of the Cedarville University Homecoming event. The public is invited to attend. Each engineering team can use 40 feet of cardboard and 100 meters of packing tape. Their boat has to hold two engineers plus one passenger and make it all the way across the lake.

Danielle Scarpone, senior electrical engineering major, enjoys coming back and watching the new students compete. “It is the first real ‘engineering’ project we get to do,” she said, “and it is fun to plan and build something and watch it fail or float. The canoe race marks the day when freshman engineers are the coolest people on campus!”

Robert Chasnov, Ph.D., professor of engineering, encourages everyone to come out to watch this year’s canoe race. “It’s competitive in a pleasant way,” he said. “The weather is usually wonderful, some students will sink and swim, and most of the non-engineer teams don’t make it across the lake.”

You can watch last year’s race here.


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