The University of Findlay’s Mazza obtains major collection of Kellogg Artwork

The Mazza Museum at The University of Findlay today announced the acquisition of 2,700 pieces of original art work by famed children’s book artist and author, Stephen Kellogg. The acquisition represents a 50-percent expansion of the Mazza’s collection of more than 5,000 pieces of original artwork.

The acquisition was made possible, in part, by a $350,000 gift from actor Anthony Edwards.

“This is a magnificent expansion to the Mazza’s collection, which is already the world’s largest collection of original art from children’s books,” said Ben Sapp, director of the Mazza Museum. The Mazza is part of the Dr. Jerry J. Mallett Institute at the University.

“The new art work is from 80 books created by Mr. Kellogg during his lifetime, and we are deeply honored to be the repository for this wonderful body of work,” Sapp said. “We are also deeply appreciative of the generosity of Mr. Edwards and our other benefactors who have helped make this acquisition possible.”

Some of Kellogg’s popular work includes “Island of the Skog,” “Johnny Appleseed,” “A Rose for Pinkerton,” “How Much is a Million” and “The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash.” Readers may recognize characters such as The Christmas Witch, Pinkerton and Rose, Jimmy and Jimmy’s Boa and Clorinda from Kellogg’s work.

Since the beginning of his writing career, Kellogg has authored or collaborated on approximately 110 books. Looking back on his career and his life-long interest in it, Kellogg once said, “I have always wanted to write and illustrate picture books, and, the more deeply involved in it I become, the more I find it to be an endlessly broad and fascinating art form. I enjoy illustrating my own books, and I love the challenge of devising the right visual accompaniment for the manuscripts of other authors.”

Kellogg resides in Essex, N.Y., with his wife, Helen.

The Mazza Museum has the distinction of being the first and largest teaching museum in the world specializing in original artwork from picture books. Its mission is to promote literacy through its educational programs and to collect, exhibit and preserve original art from children’s books.


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