Justice was done, but I can't celebrate bin Laden's death

It’s been a couple of days since Osama bin Laden’s death was announced and the whole thing makes me extremely sad.

I remember Sept. 11, 2001 well from watching the coverage of the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center and the live crash of another plane into the second tower.

I remember a newspaper co-worker’s screams as she called to share her feelings after the collapse of the second tower.

I remember the empty feeling I had watching television coverage that day and driving to work to put together a newspaper which detailed the horror.

I remember the angry words I heard on my way home that evening when I questioned a gas station owner for raising gas by a $1 by people wafting in line afraid he would raise the prices even more.

I remember the pride I felt when President Bush vowed to fight terrorism and the disbelief I felt during the hearings on if Iraq was involved.

I remember my fear of flying after Sept. 11 attacks and how my wife dislikes to this day how her purse gets searched when she goes to sporting events.

I remember standing at the former site of the World Trade Center and my shock at seeing the empty hole and knowing thousands of people needlessly lost their lives there that day.

I couldn’t imagine the loss of families who those who died on Sept. 11, 2001 or in the wars that have taken place afterward. I haven’t lost a friend or family member from this tragedy, but I know the lives it’s affected.

Everyone reacts to news in different ways.

There was a lot of celebrating Sunday night after President Obama announced bin Laden’s death Sunday night.

I’m relieved we were able to find bin Laden, but celebrating his death seems barbaric.

bin Laden’s death doesn’t replace these memories.


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