4 easy ways of safeguarding your business online

Ad Age recently ran a great article about how people are setting up Twitter pages for company mascots without knowledge of the businesses affected,

The article is another great example of how companies need to watch their reputations online.

No matter if you’re a sandwich shop around the corner or a Fortune 500 company, it pays to take a look at these four ways of easily safeguarding your business.

Facebook — Are there any Facebook pages created for your company. To check, log on to your Facebook account (or create one if you haven’t already) and use the search function on the top of the page. Search for your company, mascots and other trademarks. If you find something not associated with Facebook, you can file a report through the company.

Twitter — Use http://search.twitter.com to search for your company, mascots and other trademarks. As the article states, it can be more difficult to take down impersonators.

Google — Regularly search the Web for references to your company.

In addition to these reactive steps, it pays to be proactive.

Claim your company’s name and trademark on social networking sites.

Blog about your company. Create a WordPress account. It’s easy and free to get positive content out about your company or organization.

Reputation management takes time, but is essential when it comes to good business.

I’m available to consult for a nominal fee if you have additional questions about reputation management. Feel free to email me at


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