Don't rush social media

Great social media and blogging take time.

As we all know, a big trend in companies and non-profit organizations is to embrace new media.

The statistics are very seductive,from 500 million members on Facebook to record growth in Twitter and the influence on blogs.

A former boss of mine watched this video and was ready to change his company’s culture after two minutes.

So companies jump in head first. Lots of money is spent in hopes of a quick fix.

There are random examples of quick successes, but new media does it’s best when it has time to develop and nurture a fan base, Growth happens over building relationships through outreach and content people want to read.

New media alone won’t necessarily make companies a lot of money, but proper use of new media allows companies to establish long-lasting relationships with new customers through communications and referrals, which help companies in the long run.


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