When your ‘Outlook’ breaks

Had a recent major crisis. My Outlook crashed.

For the handful of you who aren’t familiar with Microsoft Office, Outlook is a great way managing your e-mails, contacts and schedule.

And did I use it.

In addition to utilizing the program to manage a full-time job in addition to several consulting opportunities, I use it to post events with family, friends and my church and favorite sports teams.

I also have a rapidly growing list of contacts from my personal and professional life.

So you can understand, why the permanent loss of the file sent me reeling.

But after my initial panic, I started to have a plan.

I was able to backup key files and through setting up the program again and research, I was able to set up Outlook in a more efficient way.

So my Outlook now works for me, but what about you?

What happens when your “Outlook” breaks?

We all go through crisis, some personal and others professional.

What’s your backup plan?

How do you find a more efficient way of learning and growing through the tough times?

Let me know what you think. I’ll give you my thoughts in a post on Saturday.


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  1. Crises occur and always will. The question will always be to stay down or get up. The bigger the crisis the “hand-up” from a Faithful Friend is essential

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